Assigned Risk Insurance helps consumers find coverage

Having a hard time finding insurance? You may need Assigned Risk Insurance. Get help here when others have stopped trying for you.

What is the definition of Assigned Risk?

An assigned risk is either a personal insurance risk or a commercial insurance risk that does not meet the underwriting criteria of a standard lines insurance company. That is it plain and simple.

Many websites offer the definition as it pertains to their offered insurance services or products such as Workers Compensation, personal auto, commercial auto, homeowners etc. The term does not apply to any specific type of policy, but to the risk type characteristics. Most states have state mandated plans, which are not state sponsored plans as you may see online in various places, to satisfy various policies that residents or companies domiciled in that state may need.

Assigned Risk Insurance Services helps you find coverage even if it is in the surplus or excess markets. Several personal and commercial risk policies are available. From high risk auto insurance to homeowners insurance to  assigned risk big rig trucking operations coverage should be available.

Our personal lines and commercial or business customer service personnel (CSR’S) and licensed insurance agents are non standard, assigned risk and high risk programs specialists with defined and managed authorities.

We have helped tens of thousands find coverage where other insurance companies, brokers or agents may not have a market for a risk that is just too hard to insure.

Our Assigned Risk Insurance Specialists will help you find the Assigned Risk Insurance that you need.
Get fast help with Assigned Risk Insurance for personal and commercial policies. Consumer help is available 24 hours per day.

We will work with specific assigned risk insurance carriers that may issue a policy themselves or grant underwriting authority to a program administrator, A.K.A. a recognized expert in a niche class of non standard business in order to offer policies for personal or business types of customers with consistent characteristics or needs.

Assigned Risk polices and coverage’s:

We will be able to help you locate competitive sources for your personal insurance needs or for hundreds of classes of business commercial lines and programs. Some of the most requested insurance products that consumers need help with include but are not limited to:


  • Transportation including Busing – charter & fleet, Public Livery, School Buses, Hazardous Material Haulers, and Local, Intermediate and long haul trucking
  • Coastal high risk properties – commercial property, hospitals, social clubs, personal homes or condos
  • Other program coverage’s are available and are too many to list them all here

An assigned risk policy can mean many things to those in the insurance industry. We define it as an insurance policy for a person or business that otherwise cannot find insurance coverage nor a competitive offer of insurance for a defined market risk.

If you need regular or non assigned risk type commercial insurance visit

Get hard to place commercial property and liability Assigned Risk Insurance help right now.

It all starts with some basic information needed to make sure that we have the right Assigned Risk type Insurance agents helping you.

What is The Cost of Personal Assigned Risk Auto Insurance?

Curious what personal high risk auto rates are from different states around the country? To give you an idea, we’ve compiled rates for four categories of Assigned Risk Insurance prices drivers in each of the 50 states and will be happy to share this with you.

Most requested Commercial Assigned Risk Insurance Classes include, but not limited too;

TRANSPORTATION – trucking and busing always lead the pack due to stringent federal and state laws.

Bars and Taverns
One Day Events
and any more!

Commercial Assigned Risk Insurance: Real Estate
Hotels and Motels
Lessors Risk
Vacant Buildings
Builders Risk
Coastal Property

Commercial Assigned Risk Insurance: Contractors
Commercial General Contractors
Alarm Contactors
Tree Removal
Machinery Equipment- Sales, Service and Repair
Swimming Pools- Sales, Service and Repair
Demolition Contractors

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