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High Risk Homeowners Insurance and Rental Dwellings

Coastal Risks

Primary, Rental and stand alone secondary homes

Condominium unit owners

Enhancement Endorsements available

Corporately owned properties

Unique exposures hard to place, such as:

High Risk Auto Insurance

Vacant Dwellings

Builders Risk

Risks with losses

Lapse in coverage


High Valued Homeowner Programs

Coastal Risks

Distressed risks

Vacant homes

Builders Risk

Personal Liability Umbrella

Admitted markets & Non Admitted

Stand alone CPL available

Limits up to $10,000,000

Excess Umbrella Coverage

High profile insured’s

Homeowners coverage can be difficult to obtain particularly if there is a lengthy claims history, one or more property value changes, you filed for bankruptcy, or one or more hazard issues exist on the property. In addition to recreational equipment and devices that are not covered by traditional insurance, animal liability coverage is also available. Individual liability coverage is important to pet owners because if the canine bites, scratches, knocks down or causes harm to a third party, liability insurance protection is in place.

Here is a short quiz to help understand the coverage’s in a High Risk Homeowners insurance policy.

  • 1. When Ann’s hot water heater cracks and leaks, she turns to her HO 3 for coverage. What will be covered under her policy?
    • a. The property that is damaged because the hot water heater leaked, but not the hot water heater itself.
    • That answer choice is incorrect.
    • b. Only the cost of repairing or replacing the hot water heater itself.
    • c. Both the property that is damaged and the cost of repairing or replacing the hot water heater.
    • d. Nothing, the policy excludes this type of loss.
  • 2. A power surge hits Peter’s house and damages some of his furnishings and property. Assuming all of the following are damaged by the power surge, which item would NOT be covered by his HO 3?
    • a. An easy chair
    • b. A television
    • c. A Navaho wall hanging
    • That answer choice is incorrect.
    • d. A globe
  • 3. Karen’s pipes freeze because she turned off her thermostat before going on vacation. Much of her personal property is damaged by the water that leaks from the burst pipes. Her insurer denies her claim. Why?
    • a. Because she did not maintain heat in her home while she was on vacation.
    • Loss to personal property due to the freezing of a plumbing system is covered so long as the insured maintains heat in the building or home or the water supply is shut off and all systems and appliances are drained of water.
    • b. Because she did not drain the plumbing system of water.
    • c. Because the policy excludes all water damage caused by a burst pipe.
    • d. Because the negligence lies with her plumber.
  • 4. Under coverage of personal property loss due to freezing, what stipulation(s) does NOT pertain to the automatic fire protective sprinkler system?
    • a. Heat must be maintained in the building.
    • b. The sprinkler system itself is covered.
    • c. Water must be drained from the system.
    • The requirement to drain a fire protective sprinkler system does not apply because water is needed for the system to operate properly.
    • d. Heat must be maintained in the building and water supply needs to be maintained.
  • 5. Which of the following losses would be covered by an HO 3?
    • a. Evelyn’s home is damaged by a shock wave from a volcanic eruption.
    • b. Rob’s home is damaged by a 6.2 earthquake.
    • c. Jill’s home is damaged by a slight tremor when a volcano erupts.
    • d. Justin’s home is damaged by ash and lava from a minor volcanic eruption.
    • The peril of volcanic eruption does not include any loss due to earthquake, land shock waves, or tremors.
    • You got 3 right and 2 wrong.
  • 1. During an especially hot day, Ronald’s home experiences a power surge, causing some damage to his personal property. Which of the following damaged items would be covered for loss under his HO 3?
    • a. His computer
    • b. His television
    • c. His sofa
    • The peril of sudden or accidental damage from artificially generated electrical current does not include loss to tubes, transistors, electronic components or circuitry that are part of appliances or electronic apparatus.
    • d. His DVD player
  • 2. Jeremy lives near Mt. St. Troy, an active volcano. During one week, the volcano erupts three times-on Sunday, Monday, and Thursday. Each time, Jeremy’s home is damaged by the ash and lava flow. According to Jeremy’s HO 3, how many eruptions have occurred?
    • a. Zero
    • b. Two
    • c. Three
    • That answer choice is incorrect.
    • d. It doesn’t matter because there is no coverage available for this loss.
  • 3. The peril of sudden and accidental tearing apart, cracking, burning, or bulging of a steam or hot water system, an air conditioning or automatic fire protective sprinkler system, or an appliance for heating water is broader than the peril of explosion in that it also covers
    • a. Fire
    • b. The system itself
    • This peril adds coverage for the system itself.
    • c. The cost of water that is lost
    • d. Sprinkler systems
  • 4. Stephanie must go on a week-long business trip. Before she leaves her home, she makes sure the thermostat is set to maintain the heat in the home. While she was gone, extreme freezing temperatures caused her pipes to burst anyway, damaging much of her property. What kind of coverage is available under her HO 3 for her property?
    • a. None, because freezing is excluded under her HO 3.
    • b. Coverage for the pipes only, not the property.
    • c. Coverage for her damaged property only.
    • d. Coverage for the damaged property and replacement or repair of the damaged pipes.
    • That answer choice is incorrect.
  • 5. Yolanda buys a new house that has the utility room in the garage. To ensure coverage under her HO 3 for property damage that might be caused by her hot water heater bursting, cracking, or coming apart as a result of freezing, Yolanda must
    • a. Make sure heat is maintained in the utility room
    • Loss to personal property due to the freezing of the hot water heater is covered if the insured has maintained heat in the building.
    • b. Move the hot water heater into the house
    • c. Make sure the hot water heater is adequately insulated
    • d. Drain the hot water heater

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