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High Risk Homeowners Insurance Specialists. Assigned Risk Homeowners insurance coverage can be difficult to obtain particularly if there is a claims history.
Several claims make you high risk and may need High Risk Homeowners Insurance.

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High Risk Homeowners Insurance and Rental Dwellings

Coastal Risks

Primary, Rental and stand alone secondary homes

Condominium unit owners

Enhancement Endorsements available

Corporately owned properties

Unique exposures hard to place, such as:

High Risk Auto Insurance

Vacant Dwellings

Builders Risk

Risks with losses

Lapse in coverage


High Valued Homeowner Programs

Coastal Risks

Distressed risks

Vacant homes

Builders Risk

Personal Liability Umbrella

Admitted markets & Non Admitted

Stand alone CPL available

Limits up to $10,000,000

Excess Umbrella Coverage

High profile insured’s

Homeowners coverage can be difficult to obtain particularly if there is a lengthy claims history, one or more property value changes, you filed for bankruptcy, or one or more hazard issues exist on the property. In addition to recreational equipment and devices that are not covered by traditional insurance, animal liability coverage is also available. Individual liability coverage is important to pet owners because if the canine bites, scratches, knocks down or causes harm to a third party, liability insurance protection is in place.


Get assigned risk homeowners insurance coastal help, High Risk Coastal Homes may need assigned risk plans
High Risk Coastal Homes may need assigned risk plans for assigned risk homeowners insurance
High Risk Homeowners Insurance
Policies for homeowners that have had claims or been denied coverage.
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