Aviation Insurance for those hard to insure

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Aviation insurance is insurance coverage designed specifically for the operation of aircraft and the risks involved in aviation. Aviation insurance policies are distinctly different from those for other areas of transportation and tend to incorporate aviation terminology, as well as limits and clauses specific to flying or aviation insurance.

Here are some of the types that we can insure.

AMTs,  Antique Aircraft,  CFIs,  Commercial Pilots,  Experimental Aircraft,  Gyroplanes
Helicopter & Rotocraft,  Helicopters, Home Built Aircraft,  Hot Air Balloons,  Light Sport Aircraft,  LSAs,  Private Pilots,  Student Pilots,  Ultra Lights,  Vintage/Antique

Typical coverages offered:

Public Liability Insurance:

This coverage, often referred to as third party liability covers aircraft owners for damage that their aircraft does to third party property, such as houses, cars, crops, airport facilities and other aircraft struck in a collision. It does not provide coverage for damage to the insured aircraft itself or coverage for passengers injured on the insured aircraft. After an accident an insurance company will compensate victims for their losses, but if a settlement can not be reached then the case is usually taken to court to decide liability and the amount of damages.

Passenger Liability Insurance:

Passenger liability protects passengers riding in the accident aircraft who are injured or killed. Coverage is often sold on a “per-seat” basis, with a specified limit for each passenger seat.

Ground Risk Hull Insurance – Not In Motion:

This provides coverage for the insured aircraft against damage when it is on the ground and not in motion. This would provide protection for the aircraft for such events as fire, theft, vandalism, flood, mudslides, animal damage, wind or hailstorms, hangar collapse or for uninsured vehicles or aircraft striking the aircraft.

In-Flight Insurance:

In-flight coverage protects an insured aircraft against damage during all phases of flight and ground operation, including while parked or stored. Naturally, it is more expensive than not-in-motion coverage, since most aircraft are damaged while in motion. cite https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aviation_insurance

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