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Get hard to place commercial property insurance.
Get hard to place commercial property, transportation and liability insurance coverage.

Having trouble finding a company to insure your business or commercial type of hard to place coverage?

Commercial trucking, commercial auto and property assigned risk insurance quotes are currently available.

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Contractors General Liability Insurance high risk or assigned risk business types
High or assigned risk contractor insurance policies issued daily.

We will work with specific commercial lines carriers or Specialty Insurance Providers, licensed agents and agencies that may issue a business lines policy themselves or grant underwriting authority to a program administrator who are typically a recognized expert in a niche class of Commercial Assigned Risk Insurance or sometimes called non standard business like long haul trucking, crane operations, contractors, commercial property, gasoline transporters and many more types in order to offer policies for business types of customers with consistent characteristics or needs.

We will try and find coverage for hard to place transportation, commercial property, casualty, liquor liability, products liability, umbrella and excess accounts. We have binding and or quoting authority for top rated insurance companies and several brokerage markets. With access to write over 1000 classes of property, casualty and many more risks.

Most requested Commercial Assigned Risk Insurance Classes include, but not limited too;

TRANSPORTATION – trucking and busing always lead the pack due to stringent federal and state laws.

Bars and Taverns
One Day Events
and any more!

Commercial Assigned Risk Insurance: Real Estate
Hotels and Motels
Lessors Risk
Vacant Buildings
Builders Risk
Coastal Property

Commercial Assigned Risk Insurance: Contractors
Commercial General Contractors
Alarm Contactors
Tree Removal
Machinery Equipment- Sales, Service and Repair
Swimming Pools- Sales, Service and Repair
Demolition Contractors

Commercial Assigned Risk Insurance: Products
Products Recall
Food & Beverage Manufacturing and Distribution
Discontinued Products
Sporting Goods
Vitamins and Drugs
Beauty and Cosmetics

We welcome anyone that needs help with Commercial Assigned Risk Insurance from our large network of assigned risk insurance agents.

Get Garage Operations Insurance in the states FL,IA,IN,KS,MD,NC,NE,NJ,OH,PA and SC.
Stop throwing money away and get an assigned risk insurance plan policy.
Commercial Assigned Risk Insurance
Business owner help when they have problems finding an insurance policy. Assigned Risk Insurance is readily available.
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